Our starting point for all commissions is always an initial briefing meeting and site study to gain a deep understanding of the overall requirements of the project. The initial concept design stage is a collaborative and evolutionary process as we explore options for the site and available budget, while refining the priorities of the brief.

Our design strategy is specifically inspired by the client's brief and the site rather than any preconceived 'styles' or formulaic response. Every site (and brief) has opportunities and challenges in terms of context, size/shape, orientation, council requirements, etc., which directly feed into the design response and the three-dimensional built form. An individual design response is achieved each time as each project has differing ‘inputs’.

Our designs are directly responsive to the above. A logical and practical approach is always the basis of a design approach that also manipulates space, flow, and natural light, therefore maximizing the spatial quality of the project within a form that functions beautifully. We also pay close attention to material composition and building proportion. Our building designs evolve with client collaboration through the concept design and design development stages.

Excellence in design is then supported by extremely high-quality practical project documentation (working drawings), which forms the basis of a smooth tender and construction process. Quality documentation eliminates construction 'grey' areas and vastly reduces potential conflicts and variations with contractors. Quality working drawings prepared independently allow competitive open-market tendering (with experienced project-compatible builders) to ensure the client receives the best value in the current marketplace. This open-market tendering option is not available from 'Design and Construct' builders and is a significant advantage of employing an independent architect.


Considerably experience and expertise has been acquired in the following residential areas:
  • Quality single residential houses ranging from small urban to generously sized suburban and coastal projects. Also rural projects on larger land holdings. Our budget range experience is broad but as a rough guide- Approximately from around the $3300 per square metre range and up. Or around $1.2 million (build cost) and up.
  • Substantial additions to existing houses. Budget range from approx $1 million.
  • 2/3 House townhouse/grouped dwelling developments.
Fees require discussion as it depends on the extent of the architectural commission (we are very flexible in this regard) and the scale of the project.

Interested in potentially working with us?:

Potentially working with John Lewis Architects starts with a phone call or email to the principal architect, John Lewis (refer to the contacts page). Initial contact can then often lead to an initial 'non-obligation' meeting where the process, realistic expectations, and costs can be properly explained, and information provided to enable a potential client to make informed decisions about the project before moving forward.