John Lewis Architects is a boutique architectural practice providing high quality, individual residential architectural services. The practice commenced operating in 1998 and has since been involved in a wide variety of single and multi-residential projects.

The principal architect, John Lewis, has over 28 years experience working in residential design. Additionally, he is registered builder who also involves himself in small scale residential development. Thus he brings a wide range of experience to every client project, successfully combining the creative and practical requirements of an architectural commission.

Whilst our designs are generally contemporary in nature, all projects are conceived individually. We pride ourselves on tailoring design and building solutions to suit the specific requirements of the client’s brief, site constraints and budget expectations.

We enjoy the process of maximizing the spatial qualities of a building on a smaller challenging site just as much as working with a large block of land and everything in between. We always strive to make the most effective use of the available budget and we pride ourselves on providing a ‘hands on’ architectural service that is always approachable and easy to deal with.


Our starting point for all commissions is always the site and the clients brief, rather than any pre-conceived intent or formulaic response. We are very client centric and flexible. The brief evolves from open initial discussions and every site has opportunities/challenges in terms of context, size/shape, orientation, council requirements etc.

Our designs are directly responsive to the above. Our building designs manipulate space, flow and natural light to maximize the spatial quality of the project with-in a form that also functions beautifully. We also pay close attention to material composition and building proportion. Our building designs evolve with client collaboration thru the design stages.

Excellence in design is then supported by extremely high quality project documentation (working drawings) which form the basis of a smooth construction process. Quality documentation eliminates construction ‘grey’ areas and vastly reduces potential for conflict with contractors. Quality working drawings prepared independently from builders allow competitive open market tendering to ensure the client receives best value in the current marketplace from a range of project compatible builders.

Considerably experience and expertise has been acquired in the following residential areas:

  • Quality single residential houses ranging from small urban to generously sized suburban and coastal projects. Also rural projects on larger land holdings. Our budget range experience is broad but as a rough guide- Approximately from around the $3000 per square metre range and up. Or around $1 million (build cost) and up.
  • Substantial additions to existing houses. Budget range from approx $800k.
  • 2/3 House townhouse/grouped dwelling developments.
  • Smaller scale multiple apartment developments.

Fees require discussion as it depends on the extent of the architectural commission (we are very flexible in this regard) and the scale of the project.

John is always available to discuss your project further and clearly explain the process and potential of procuring your project with John Lewis Architects.

Registered Architect (No 1674) with the Architects Board of Western Australia.
A+ Member of the Australian institute of Architects